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Talent optimization and leadership placement for businesses powered by EOS®.


Talent Harbor's Core Focus™ is partnering with businesses operating on the Entrepreneurial Operating System® to identify opportunities in their Accountability Chart™.
Our partnership goes beyond the conventional talent acquisition approach. We understand the unique rhythm of EOS®-powered companies and curate talent solutions that match your company culture. By focusing on the dynamics of your current senior leadership team, and understanding your Vision/Traction Organizer™, we ensure that every professional we place not only fills a gap but becomes a pivotal part of your growth story.


Unmatched Commitment

Our One-Year Placement Promise. Confidence in our approach allows us to offer an unparalleled one-year guarantee on all our placements. At Talent Harbor, we stand by the quality of our process, ensuring that the talent we place at your company today continues to be a valued asset for years.

Defining industry standards, our guarantee is a testament to our partnership philosophy. With Talent Harbor, you gain not just a candidate, but a year-long assurance of performance and fit. If at any point during these 365 days the match isn’t quite right, we’ll refit your team at no cost.

Complete Company Assessment.

We start with a consultative approach to understand your needs by assessing the current Accountability Chart™, company culture, and leadership dynamics, and work together to refine the role description and marketing materials.

Complete Company Assessment

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Training & Onboarding.

The perfect candidate can fail without proper onboarding. We ensure your new leader has baseline EOS training and a First 90 Plan™ is in place before their employment start date.

Training & Onboarding

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Experienced Talent Experts.

All our talent experts have at least a decade of search and placement experience.

Experienced Talent Experts

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Strategic Recruitment: Our Three-Phase Approach Our search process is crafted with deliberate precision, ensuring every recruitment step is integral to securing your company’s next key team member. With a foundation in methodical analysis and a commitment to thoroughness, we navigate each phase with your business’s unique blueprint in mind.

Our methodology unfolds in three critical stages:


We start with a deep dive into your team's current dynamics, utilizing tools like Hogan Assessments™ to evaluate the existing leadership team. By examining the Accountability Chart™, we pinpoint the unique strengths, potential weaknesses, and critical gaps. Collaborating closely with your leadership, we construct a comprehensive job profile—complete with a tailored job description, a performance scorecard, and a competitive salary range.


The quest for your ideal candidate is both broad and discerning. We actively search and screen potential talent, evaluating each individual not just for skill but for cultural and strategic fit. It's a search that prioritizes quality and alignment with your long-term vision that utilizes actionable solutions using company case studies, an extensive interview sequence, and non-traditional background and reference check strategies.


Our engagement doesn't simply conclude with a signed offer. We lay the groundwork for a seamless integration, crafting a robust onboarding plan. With the First 90 Plan™, we remain your steadfast partner, ensuring the transition is smooth and the fit is as perfect in practice as it was on paper.


With over 50 years of collective recruiting experience and thousands of successful placements, we perfect team dynamics by bringing top-tier talent to the forefront of your Accountability Chart™

Detailed Services


Integrator/Core Function Leader Search

Identify and attract executive talent that drives your business forward with visionary leadership and strategic execution.


Fractional Talent

Fill critical roles on-demand with experienced professionals ready to deliver immediate impact and flexible engagement.

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